Design & Construction


Dashel Cycle Helmets. Made in England. Built to Last.

Dashel Helmets are made sustainably. Manufactured at a factory in Cornwall, which makes helmets for the military and marine industry.

It's important to make eye-contact with drivers when you are on the road, so you need to be able to turn your head easily to shoot a quick glance. Some urban helmets weigh as much as 450g-500g. We wanted to keep things light and safe, so that's why we use carbon-fibre. It is more expensive, but a light helmet reduces many risks to the user. Our helmets start at just 320g.


The helmets are designed to last. Dashel's helmets have a multi-impact liner that doesn't degrade over time. The regular drops and knocks that helmets take when carried about won't damage it, so you can invest in a helmet that won't need replacing every few years.

Every stage of manufacturing is completed by hand, from moulding the lightweight but exceptionally strong carbon-fibre shells through to inserting linings, attaching leather bands and finishing.


Carbon Fibre Shell - strong and light

Liner made from a multi-impact foam that doesn't degrade over time

Vented - 5 air vents

A magnetic clasp - no more pinched skin

Harness webbing weaved in Derbyshire

Packaged in a drawstring backpack, for ease of carriage when not in use

Certified CE EN1078 the European Standard

Lightweight 320g-390g