About Us

 Northcott Beach, Cornwall


Dashel Cycle Helmets has developed a flattering, urban cycle helmet that is slim and light. 

Cycling is safe. The benefits to your health and wealth outweigh the risks, so we’re not going to try and scare you into wearing a helmet. 

We saw a gap in the market for a helmet that is made sustainably, which you can keep for decades.

Most cycle helmets need replacing every 2-5 years, as the liner degrades over time, particularly if it’s dropped or knocked when carried off the bike. Dashel’s liner is made from a multi-impact foam, so knocks and drops when off the bike don't damage it. It is 100% recyclable too and requires no VOCs in its manufacture.

Dashel is manufactured in the UK, at a family owned factory in Cornwall which has diversified from making helmets for the military and marine industry. The carbon fibre shell keeps the design very light for a helmet in its class, just 300g-380g depending on your size. The shell is hand-moulded, so the quality control is excellent and the more we sell, the more people we’ll hire.

Since we came up with the idea in 2012 it has taken many years of research and development to complete Dashel. We've been crashing different designs and materials on a rig, to learn how all areas of the helmet can withstand the varying forces and temperatures required to pass and exceed the safety standards. In 2015 Dashel employed Map the industrial design consultancy, founded by Barber & Osgerby, to hone Dashel’s distinctive profile and perfect the venting and fit.

In 2016 Dashel was featured in the exhibition Cycle Revolution at The Design Museum London.

Dashel* is a registered trademark. The helmet and liner are registered designs.

*Although you can dash about in our light, vented helmets, that’s not why it’s called Dashel. Dashel means thistle in Cornish
. We manufacture in Cornwall and the thistle is one of Cornwall's native flowers. As it's colourful and protective, we decided to take it as our brand-name.